Travel Expensify

What is the app about?
Expense tracker application will be used by corporate frequent travelers who require assistance in submitting their expenses in ‘Concur’. An objective of this application is to create expenses for a specific travel using SMS received for transactions done through AMEX credit card. It will be a mobile application which will have developed for Android and iOS platforms and can be installed through public stores or internal stores.

› Corporate traveler
› 2-3 visit a month
› Travels for 1-2 weeks as duration
› Busy person who doesn’t have time to fill in the ‘Concur’ expenses and it is done by the secretary.
› Finding it cumbersome to share details to secretary to fill up the expense as they don’t remember what are the transactions done on that travel
› Keeping all receipts and share them once they come from travel and there are chances that they might lose the receipts for the travel.

What I did
› Setting goals and objectives
› Stakeholder interviews
› Creating wireframes
› High-Fidelity design & guidelines